Happy Halloween!

A big thank you to everyone who came by and showed us their costumes today! What a spectacular Halloween! ““Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative place where no one else has ever been.” Alan Alda (aka Hawkeye Pierce)

Hootenanny Hoedown

This week Ms. Bev Martens violin students put their creative thinking to work and put together a Hootenanny Hoedown! Brussel sprout mallets, bumpy pumpkins, carrot recorders, squash instruments and more! These little farmers really knew how to grow the best crop. It was wonderful to see their creative ideas and listen to their music, while at the same time watching their confidence grow. Excellent work, everyone! Check out the photos below:

Halloween Makes Appearance at Music Makers

This is such a fun time of year for us at the Music School, we get to see and participate in all of the fun Halloween parties that take place during the time of lessons. We had all kinds of costumes come through, from Superheroes to emergency professionals, and unicorns to dinosaurs. The snacks were pretty yummy too!

Learning more about the Guitar Group Class

We had a great opportunity to peak in on this class and have a glance to see all the hard work that happens in this room. This class is for intermediate students focusing on ear training for transcribing melody, solos, chords and baselines. These students come up with their own chords and create a piece that fits in with the harmony and rhythm of the class. The result is outstanding music and building of confidence. Fantastic!

Newspaper Clippings Before Social Media

Before there was social media where everything you post is instant, people would clip out intriguing articles from the local newspapers and save them in their scrapbooks or on their fridges. Luckily with a long history like the Music School, we have been able to find newspaper clippings that deserve to be shared with the world (or at least on our website). Images below are circa 1990s.

Sharon Lawrence and current violin instructor, Bev Martens.
Current piano instructor, Karen Rempel
Current piano instructor, Alex MacArthur

2018 African Drumming and Guitar Workshop

This past weekend the 2018 African Drumming and Guitar workshop took place, and the feeling in the loft of the Carriage House was electric! 

Participants worked on the song “Havana” by Camila Cabello, coupled with Bobby Bovenzi’s rhythm “Bo-Funk”! There were great guitar parts, great vocal parts + great beats!

A rhythm was developed as the central pulse to playing the instruments; they used fun drumming games to support feeling the beat, supported each other while listening to the sound as a whole, and learned how to use their feet to keep time.

Check out the photos below, and stay tuned for information about next year’s workshop!

Old Memories

While going through her things, Ms Carole found these old photos of the beginnings of the Music School, back when it was housed in the Hut K8 at the army camp. How great is this?! The last photo is her Suzuki group, playing in the Village Green Mall.