Practice Kindness…Every Day

All of us at the Music School are passionate about the #pinkshirt initiative, and what it stands for. Our goal is to make you feel welcome and to show you that you belong in our Music School Family. Along with practicing your instrument of choice, we encourage you to also practice kindness. We don’t really know what the person beside us has been through, and we all have one thing in common. Our love of music. So play!

What’s New with Group Orchestra?

The students of Bev Martens and Morna Howie have been extremely busy as of late, practicing for upcoming festivals. Here they are playing Tam Lin; each week these students show up and play their hearts out, and the result is this: enthusiasm, dedication, and the feeling of accomplishment! A huge thank you to all of the parents who help support this program, we are so grateful.

violin and cello players - Suzuki method
children playing the violin and cello, Suzuki method

Fantasy Bossa – Salome

Meet Salome Making. She’s been playing the piano for 9 years, and is currently a student of Daisy’s. We love it when our students are passionate about learning how to play music…and have a ton of fun doing it! She says “it’s neat when you work hard on a piece and it all comes together in the end”. Here she is playing Fantasy Bossa by Christopher Norton, have a listen.

The 3% Club

Don’t forget about our 3% Club!

What if we could raise funds for the Music School, just by doing your grocery shopping? Let me explain…

We just became a member of Nature’s Fare Markets’ 3% Club! Every time someone from our school – a teacher, student, or family – shops at Nature’s Fare they donate 3% (before tax) of the total back to us as a tax-free donation! That can add up!

Here’s how it works…

• Shop at Nature’s Fare Markets, save your receipts, put your receipts in our 3% Club box.

• Three times a year (in April, August and December) we total and submit the receipts

• Within one month Nature’s Fare sends us a as a tax-free donation.

In 2017 alone they’ve donated over $44,000 to organizations like ours to show their appreciation for the work we do. By working together we help to keep our community sustainable, healthy, and thriving.

Thank you so much for support of the 3% Club. 
Please let us know if you have any questions.

Inspirational Mention

Meet Jadyn Dobernigg, she takes guitar lessons with Ken. Jadyn is now in her 4th year of studying guitar at VCMS, having started as a beginner in 2015, she is now moving into more intermediate areas of study and in last September she joined our new improvisation class. Jadyn is a great example of what determination, patience, and consistent practice can do for ones progress in music. She never gets discouraged, always shows up with a positive attitude, and now she is playing music she couldn’t have imagined a couple of years ago! Here she is playing in a recent musical gathering for the VCMS guitarists, and with her new Squier Stratocaster that she saved up to buy! It is a privilege to have Jadyn as a student, and we look forward to more years of hearing her develop as a guitarist and musician (she’s a fine singer also!). Way to go Jadyn!!