Summer Camps

Activate your imagination! In our fun and inspiring Summer Day Camps, all participants work together to create a supportive team environment that encourages self-discovery and self-expression. Come join for a week of fun and experience the creative magic for yourself! Contact Rachel at or 778-212-9642.

Festival Gala Concert

This past weekend was the Festival Gala Concert, the wind up for the Registered Music Teachers of Vernon piano and voice festivals which happened last week. Congratulations to all of the students who participated, especially the students from the Music School! Keep up the great work!

Piano Awards:
Level 6: Hannah Scuka
Level 8: Nina Steyn
Level 10: Jennika Bobryk

Additional Piano Scholarships and Awards:
L. Edwards Award (grade 6 Classical): Hannah Scuka
J. Karen Award (grade 8 – ARCT Romantic): Nina Steyn
N. Sharma Award (Honorable Mention): Brock Webster
N. Sharma Award (Honorable Mention): Veronika Ociepa
Honorable Mention Senior Classes: Ella Newman
Junior Piano Duet: Amy Milne and Amie Glasser
Intermediate Piano Duet: Camille Hanry & Sophie Joerissen
Top Duet Overall: Camille Hanry & Sophie Joerissen

Voice Awards – Classical and Musical Theatre Categories:
Grade 3 (CI): Sydney Soglo
Grade 3 (MT): Sydney Soglo
Grade 5 (CI): Zaela Thiessen
Grade 6 (CI): Olivia Sunderland
Grade 6 (MT): Kylie Lightfoot
Grade 8 (CL): Jax Dolman
Grade 8 (MT): Jax Dolman
Intermediate Voice Duet: Drina & Zaela Thiessen

“This Little Light of Mine”

What can be more fun than watching and listening to this crew learn how to play the ukulele?! These students are learning all about ukulele chords, and are exceptional singers of “This Little Light of Mine”.

 Such a fun instrument that you can take anywhere!

Kids Group Ukulele

Inspiring Songwriter

Meet Amelia Hladych! Amelia has been a guitar student of Ken Scott for about 5 years now, and what amazing growth we have seen in her as a guitar player! Amelia has a great ear for music and has become quite a guitar player. In addition to her playing, she has started composing her own songs! Here she is performing her beautiful song called “A Light in the World”.

Way to go Amelia!

Hugh Plays Hunter’s Chorus

Meet Hugh Weathermon. He is Claire’s younger brother, and he is also getting ready for festival this week. Hugh knows that it’s a well-known fact that wearing two different socks boosts your confidence level 🙂 Here he is, captivating the audience by playing Hunter’s Chorus by C.M. von Weber. Bravo, Hugh!

Claire Plays 3rd Movement in Concerto B Minor

Claire Weathermon is a budding violinist who is getting ready this week for festival. It is so heartwarming and inspiring to watch her emotions as she plays every note with every fibre of her being. Watch her immerse herself in the song and the rhythm of the 3rd Movement in Concerto B Minor by Rieding, she is so captivating! Well done, Claire!

Thank you, Heartwood Homes!

Wahoo! Thank you to Heartwood Homes for donating money to help with our scholarship recital program. We are so grateful! Their contribution is invaluable and will be given to deserving students at the 2019 VCMS Scholarship Recital. We are all successful when organizations and businesses in our community value programs such as ours to help foster musical enrichment in the lives of our students. Give these guys a hi-five when you see them in our community!

Mother/Daughter Duo

How great is it when you can play a song together with your child? Uylana, a student of Imant’s, and her mother Svetlana played the theme from Mozart Piano Sonata together last Friday night, during the violin recital. It is a fantastic feeling when your family enjoys the same passion, and both parties are equally engaged. This is a memory that will be cherished!

Violin Recital with Carole and Imant

Students of Imant Raminsh and Carole Ruth played brilliantly Friday night, some of them in their first ever recital. It can be very nerve-racking to stand up and perform in front of an audience, especially when your parents are watching!

We also were able to witness Mr. Raminsh in his first ever percussion performance. Stay tuned for video of some of the performances 🙂 Great work to everyone, it was a very enjoyable evening!

Thank you, Vernon Community Singers!

This is the time of year we start working on the annual scholarship recital which happens in May, and we reach out to the community to see if anyone would like to generously donate scholarship monies, and in turn have a scholarship awarded in their name. We are so grateful to the Vernon Community Singers for their donation to our program, their contribution is invaluable and will be given to deserving students at the 2019 VCMS Scholarship Recital. Here is our President, Lori Johnson, receiving the cheque presented by Bob Gardner from the Vernon Community Singers.

We are grateful for organizations and businesses in our community who value programs such as ours that help to foster musical enrichment in the lives of our students. Thank you so much, Vernon Community Singers!