Halloween @ The Music School

This is one of our favourite weeks of the year…the week of Halloween! We had all kinds of characters come to visit us in Music Makers this week, including Scooby-Do, princesses, firemen, cats, and dinosaurs! They danced, read stories, and there were lots and lots of snacks! Hurray!!

Music Explorers was also a HUGE hit this morning, and we were lucky enough to be blessed with TWO Spidermans and a Supergirl!

Some of the teachers, not wanting to be outdone, also came out in their best attire for the day. Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Kim were part of the Wee Witchy Cauldron of the Music School, while Ms. Daisy was a Viking Goddess and Mr. Geoff was a leaping lemur.

Mr. Aaron warped in from the 1980s to pose with Leaping Lemur and Tugger the Great. Mr. Aaron had to quickly head back to the 1980s though, and he had important mullet tasks to take care of.

Look who popped by with Mary Poppins! Charlie Brown came in for a visit before heading off to his Halloween special. He even brought his hand-crafted pumpkin in for some fun!

Fairies and Artists have been captivating our attention for years, and this day was no different. In to the school they came, almost as though they had been here many times before. Thank you to everyone who came and participated in our Halloween festivities, you could hear the laughter throughout the building!

More on the Smith House: The Ballroom

The Smith House Ballroom

More on our series about the Smith House: The ballroom. The ballroom is on the third floor of the house, now known as a voice studio. When the Smith House was built, the ballroom was quite large and included what is now room 11 (or the guitar studio), and had beautiful large windows at both ends and the alcove off to the right where the orchestra played. The room had gloriously high ceilings with carefully chosen chandeliers, polished floors and imported satin damask wallpaper and etched glass panels. Just walking into the room makes your imagination run, as you picture yourself dressed in your best like Vernon and Irene Castle, a husband-and-wife team of ballroom dancers and dance teachers who appeared on Broadway and in silent films in the early 20th century.

Masterclass with Bryan Cheng

Masterclass with Bryan Cheng

A few of our cello students, Angela, Holly and Pieter, were able to participate in a Masterclass with Bryan Cheng this past week. Bryan Cheng’s refreshing approach to showcasing classical music to new audiences of all backgrounds is steeped in a rare balance of infectious joy and enthusiasm in his playing on one hand, and mature, historically-informed, and profound interpretations on the other. How exciting for these cello students!

More on…The Smith House

Vernon Community Music School Heritage House

Vernon Community Music School Heritage House

More on our series about the Smith House: the Recital Room. This room is a favourite one for us at the Music School, mostly because of its size and the beautiful windows that let in so much light. Originally, it was the Smith family dining room with stained glass windows, a beautiful ceiling and wall paneling, and flanked on the east by a charming conservatory. The former kitchen is now a small kitchen, office, and hallway to the back door. The maid’s staircase can still be seen in the office, and originally went to the third floor. Have you noticed the serving access to the games room? People could be served refreshments without the maid entering the room.

Can you imagine having Christmas dinner in the Recital Room, sitting at a long dining table decorated with candlesticks, eating off large serving plates with a beverage served in the finest crystal?


The Glorious Smith House

Learn more about our glorious Smith House! Imagine walking up the front stairs, seeing the two porches and the front door, and entering two beautiful sitting rooms. The ladies sitting room or parlour was on the right, and the mens parlour on the left. Off this room was the card room, which is now a teaching studio. The fireplaces were built of oak, with lovely ceramic tiles. Can you picture yourself having a cup of tea in the finest china, chatting with your friends over the days events?

Image may contain: indoor
Image may contain: indoor

Digital Recording Workshop

Check out this amazing opportunity, at the Vernon Community Music School! Join us to learn more about the basics of digital audio, the basics of music production and mixing digital audio effects, how to create and work with looped sections, how to create orchestrated sections and backgrounds, and how to make rhythms and beats!

Have control over your own content without having to pay for studio time! This workshop is perfect for learning how to record your sound for potential universities, because we know that giving students the tools to empower themselves by showing them how to compose and produce their own material is a fundamental component of being a musician.

Email Ken Scott for more information: kgsguitarstudio@gmail.com

Welcome, Visitors

Daycare Tour Group

We were thrilled yesterday to have students visit from a local daycare, who came for a tour of the Music School and listened to Ms. Bev and her student play their violins, and Ms. Jennifer play the piano and sing some songs. Tony Chestnut was a hit! After the private concerts we were able to take a tour of the grounds, where we found massive tree leaves and several chestnuts to examine. Thank you to all of our visitors, we were so happy to have you stop by! Hope to see you again soon 

Annual General Meeting

It’s that time of year! The Music School’s AGM is coming up on Wednesday, October 16th at 6:30pm. Come join us to learn more about how the Music School operates, and the wonderful things that happen in the background to keep our school going. See you there!