Calling All Musicians

It’s another great day in the world of social distancing…so we are issuing a challenge! Wahoo! Music is so important during times of uncertainty, and lucky for us, we know how to play some! But our neighbours may not know how, and they would LOVE to hear you practice your music. With the weather warming up and Spring arriving, play outside if you can, or open your doors and windows to let the music flow out and touch the people around you. Take a photo, use the hashtag  #vernoncommunitymusicschool  and tag us, we’d LOVE to see them! Let the music flow through the streets and bring comfort to those who need it

Music School Temporary Closure

What a crazy time this is! In our school it is nearly impossible to observe the social distancing guidelines set out by Health Canada; therefore, we have had to close the Music School to the public until further notice.

As of today, March 22 2020, Vernon Community Music School will parallel the Public Schools and other organizations and will close its doors to the public. This means there will be no classes of any kind at the music school. This will continue until we are told by Health Authorities that we are able to open. Teachers will be reaching out to you if they haven’t already, to let you know what their plan is for lessons moving forward. Online lessons from the comfort of your home will be an option for most students. The office will be communicating with each teacher to determine their student’s needs and requests.

If you have questions about your specific lessons, please ask your instructor, as we want to respect each faculty member’s situation and decision. This is uncharted territory for all and is unsettling to say the least, but we are crossing our fingers that things get back to normal as soon as possible.

Stay safe, play music, and keep smiling 🙂

Sanssouci Quartet Shines

Happy Monday! This weekend the Sanssouci Quartet played a beautiful concert at the Mackie Lake House to raise money for our Music School Scholarship Recital, happening in May. When you close your eyes and listen to a harpsichord, two violins and a flute all play together, your mind takes you to the medieval time period. You can picture yourself dancing and participating in a large festival, wearing wigs and renaissance costumes.

Thank you so much, Sanssouci Quartet! You are helping our students continue to follow their dreams in music with these scholarships!

Introducing…the Psaltery

Ms. Carole played the psaltery during her and Imant’s student recital. It was so neat to see this instrument up close. The psaltery is an ancient musical instrument consisting of a flat sounding box with numerous strings which are plucked with the fingers or with a plectrum. The psaltery originated during the Medieval period, and was popular from the 12th through the 15th centuries. The strings are not marked, so one has to go from memory to know which note comes from which string. Tuning the instrument is certainly a challenge!

Imant and Carole Play for an Audience

Mr. Imant Raminsh and Ms. Carole Ruth had their student violin recitals last month, and during the performance they played Sonata in A Allegro, by A. Corelli, first published in the 1700s. Listening to them play together is truly spellbinding. Bravo!

Music Explorers Discover the Harp

Ms. Caroline and her student Bronwen bring their Celtic harps to work with Music Explorer 3 students. Hearing and interacting with a variety of different instruments will help these young musicians decide which instruments they wish to pursue in the future. Listen to these beautiful notes!

Active Music Explorers

Music Explorer students have been learning about the musical alphabet and staff as well as exploring various instrument families in the orchestra. This past month a number of special guests have come by to perform and answer many questions related to their instruments and practicing. Marlowe demonstrated her piano skills. The Second String Trio with Victoria, Kathryn and William Reynolds gave us the chance to look at the violin and cello. Ms. Caroline also brought her Celtic harps to work with Music Explorer 3 students. We look forward to welcoming more students and VCMS teachers in the coming weeks. All of these experiences and interactions will help these young musicians decide which instruments they wish to pursue in the future.  

Violin Recital Success

What a busy and full weekend of music! Piano festival, the upcoming voice festival, and Carole and Imant’s student violin recital, just to name a few. During the recital, Ulyana played Turkish March by Beethoven with her mom Svetlana, Amelia played Adoration by Borowski, Nathan played Introduction Epolonaise by Bohm, and Noah played Csardas by Monti. Carole introduced us to the Psaltery, a musical instrument having plucked strings of gut, horsehair, or metal stretched across a flat soundboard, and played with a quill. Such a fantastic night of violin music!