Family of Musicians

In keeping with our theme of music in families, check out this fantastic photo of one of our Cello instructors, George, with his daughter and three of his grandchildren. George’s family just moved back to the area, which is wonderful because it allows them more time and opportunities to practice together. It was truly a gift to be able to sit and listen to the three generations play, and as we know, when parents are engaged in their children’s musical abilities, students have the support and knowledge they need to not only learn and complete new pieces, but also develop a lifelong love of learning music. Welcome to Vernon, Ardeth and family!

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The Importance of Family Music

-by Aaron Jamin

This is a picture of my family sitting down to enjoy music together. This is an ideal of mine. A regular set time in the day that we enjoy making music together. I am still working towards this. Right now I am enjoying my children’s interest in music. My daughter Eva is growing in her musicianship as a young singer. My wife and I both have taken some piano lessons so we are able to play vocal melodies on the piano to help Eva practice her songs. Eva is not very disciplined when it comes to practicing, but if she has a performance coming up she is very motivated. She also likes to play ukulele and is learning the basics. She has taken to writing songs at times when she is stressed. I enjoy doing some chords to accompany her. Usually if I have the ukulele out my son David wants to learn as well. He has a lot of abilities already that will make learning music enjoyable for him. The Jamin family band is still a work in progress. Life is very full trying to give our children a well rounded education, without leaving them exhausted. Work pressures sometimes make for late days and challenging relationships between us. Whether you already have your child in lessons and have some set times to enjoy music together, or you’re trying to have your child practice enough to meet the challenges of taking lessons. Your participation in your child’s musical development goes a long way. – A.J.

Fall Newsletter is Here

Here we go! Another new start to the school year! We are so happy to reopen the Music School for private, one on one lessons. Students are happy to be back to experience music again, and we’re happy to have people coming in for lessons. One month into lessons, the Fall newsletter is ready for reading. Boil the kettle, sit back, and enjoy reading all that is new at the school.

*Update – Since this newsletter was published, we received another Natures Fare donation of $336.44, bringing our total up to $2,213.82! All monies raised through the 3% Club goes towards our programs and instruments for children, so bring your Natures Fare receipts in!

For a link to a .pdf version of the newsletter, please click here.

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