Spring Newsletter

The Spring Newsletter is out and available for your perusal! This issue is chalk full of good information, including a “Guess Who” page, a Music Scavenger hunt to do during Spring Break, and information on the upcoming Spring Concert Series. As always, our newsletters are best enjoy over a hot beverage, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the read!

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Spring Concert Series

Close your eyes and picture listening to beautiful sounds of students performing the magic of a song, the smells of spring and blossoming flowers tickle your nose, with a gentle breeze flowing around you. Your heart feels happy and joyful because this is one of the first times you’ve heard live music since the pandemic started. This year we are excited to announce our Spring Concert Series. This is an outdoor concert series that will be held out the front of the Smith House, by the newly restored pillars. The series will be held on Sunday afternoons, from May 23 – June 13, starting at 1:00 pm. Seating on the grass will be marked out so that physical distance can be maintained. More information to follow in the upcoming weeks, check our social media pages and website blog to learn more!

Outdoor Spring Concert Series at the Vernon Community Music School, May 23 - June 13.

Guess Who

Oh man, are we excited! We’re working on the Spring Newsletter, and in this edition we are featuring a “Guess Who?” section, where you have to guess which teacher this is from their younger day by looking at the photo! Can you guess who this teacher is?

*hint – she teaches violin

Vernon Community Music School Violin instructor Carole Ruth as a child