Pachelbel’s Canon in D

Friends! It’s here! Over 60 violin and cello students of Bev Martens, Morna Howie, and Natalie Kober came together in the Vernon Community Music School‘s Suzuki program, and with the extreme hard work and determination of Natalie and her husband Daniel Hayduk this masterpiece emerges! Pachelbel’s Canon in D…enjoy! BRAVO!

Background story:

Since March our Suzuki groups and our orchestra have not been able to meet in person. There are far too many of us for one thing (50+ students — not including parents or teachers) and using an online platform for this sort of group class was not feasible. 

The idea for a virtual orchestra project came after many of the Suzuki students and their parents lamented how much they were missing the group classes: the camaraderie, the experience of playing with others in unison or in harmony resulting in beautiful music, and the inspiration that comes from older students playing with younger ones.

The song Natalie knew would work for this virtual orchestra project was Pachelbel’s Canon: It is a piece with multiple parts and many layers. With some tweaking it works for our beginner students and even those who are more advanced.  

Technologically, Natalie relied on the expertise of her photographer/videographer husband, Daniel Hayduk. She said she would not be able to do this without his support, and since all his international assignments have been cancelled, he has time!

If you or your child are interested in learning more about creating multi-layered tracks and videos, check out the CBC music counts website for videos on how to do this.