Suzuki Violins

Suzuki Violin Group

Students of Natalie Kober and Bev Martens are working on a really fantastic project and they can’t wait to share it with you! Here’s a snippet of what they have in store…

Suzuki violin group performing J.S. Bach

Songwriting Opportunity

Do you want to capture your experiences and feelings on paper? Learn how to write your own songs based on your experiences?

Saturday, June 18th

*limited spaces available

RSVP: 250-545-4977 or

Join legendary singer-songwriter Andrew Allen as he guides you through the process of creating an original song. Learn how to take your own words, music, melodies, poems or ideas and craft them into a song in any genre to share with the world. 

Space is limited so register today!

Music Therapy Masterclass

Dr. Demian Krogutek

Dr. Demian Kogutek came to the Vernon Community Music School this month to present a Masterclass on Music Therapy, as part of our Masterclass Series for the 2021-22 school year. He focused on Music Therapy and the benefits of it relating to improved motor skills and neurological functioning for developmentally disabled students as well as for those students who want to start a career in the Musical Therapy field. Dr. Kogutek is an accredited Musical Therapist and Supervisor experienced with a variety of populations. He is an accomplished classical guitarist, and extensively trained in percussion, voice, piano, bass guitar, theory and recording. His research and teaching area of interest is motor improvement in neurological rehabilitation through client’s active use of musical instruments.

Dr. Kogutek’s presentation touched on the Musician’s Brain. He discussed how musicians have larger cerebellums than non-musicians, and an increased concentration of gray matter. This is particularly true for musicians who began their training early. He went on to say that there may also be a cluster of genes that work together to create the component skills that one must have to become a successful musician; good eye-hand coordination, muscle control, motor control, tenacity and patience, memory for certain kinds of structures and patterns, and a sense of rhythm and timing.

When discussing how music therapy helps people on the Autism Spectrum Disorder his point was that for people with ASD, the hearing and language disorders are predominately expressed as sensitive hearing which is exhibited by closing the ears, anger, crying, irritation and throwing objects while hearing certain noises. Sensory processing deficits typically manifest as hyper or hypo-reactivity to sensory input such as sensory-seeking or sensory-avoiding behaviours. Rhythmicity plays a vital role in development and timing is critical in motor control and cognitive functions. Synchrony and imitation can be introduced to induce and enhance social and behavioural skills in children with ASD. Rhythmic entrainment methods connect an individual with their own body rhythm and also connect them nonverbally with other individuals.

Music Therapy Masterclass 2022

Music Therapy Masterclass 2022

Music Therapy Masterclass 2022

Music Therapy Masterclass 2022

12 people came out to participate, and at the end there was a drum circle. During the drum circle it was discussed about how people who claim to not be musical at all can participate and still feel like they are contributing. It felt freeing to play any rhythm or note on the xylophone without any perimeters or having to work within a specific box.

Thank you so much, Dr. Kogutek, for taking the time to visit our Music School. Your information was invaluable, and we extend an open invitation for you to present at future Masterclasses.

Musical Munchkins Success

Ms. Natalie Kober brought Musical Munchkins to the scene this Spring, as Covid restrictions eased. This class is an introductory primer for infants 0-23 months and their caregivers. These child centred classes provide a sensory rich experience for infants as they participate in musical stories and songs. During this class, connections are encouraged through shared experiences and activities based on rhythm, melody, movement and pitch.

Natalie is helping these parents in setting the groundwork for their child to lead a musically inspired life. Look at how much fun they are having! For more information about the next session that will run in September, please contact Natalie at

Way to go, everyone!

Musical Munchkins - 0 to 23 month olds
Musical Munchkins - 0 to 23 month olds
Musical Munchkins - 0 to 23 month olds
Musical Munchkins - 0 to 23 month olds

Summer Newsletter

It’s the final countdown to the end of the school year, meaning the Summer Newsletter is ready for viewing! What a tremendous year we had; despite all of the challenges we started with while navigating Covid, we kept putting one note behind the other and moved forward to make an incredible piece of music and story, celebrating all of our hard work and success. Congratulations, everyone!

Put on the kettle, sit back and enjoy reading all of the wonderful things that are happening here at the school. Click on the link to download your pdf copy.

Summer Newsletter Page 1

Summer Newsletter Page 2

Summer Newsletter Page 3

Summer Newsletter Page 4

Summer Newsletter Page 5

Summer Newsletter Page 6

Summer Newsletter Page 7

Summer Newsletter Page 8

VCMS at the Swan Lake Market

It’s been a busy last couple of weeks here at the Music School! This past weekend two of our teachers, Ken Scott and Jennifer Fawcett, and their students performed at the Swan Lake Market & Garden for their Arts in the Garden event. Performers and artists come together in an effort to showcase the amazing talent in our valley as well as create an unique experience for those shopping at the market. Great work, everyone! Looking forward to more performances at the market throughout the summer!

Scholarship Recital 2022

Anya Massa, performing La Straniera by Daniela at the Scholarship Recital

After a two year hiatus, the Scholarship Recital was back in person. Congratulations to all of our hard-working students who participated in the recital this year, your efforts were outstanding!

Aimee Glasser, Level 7 Piano – Heartwood Homes Scholarship

Akasha McCleary, Level 6 Violin—Vernon Volkswagen Scholarship

Alex Thiessen, Grade 10 Voice—Dr. Lora Fellenz and Dr. Mathias Fellenz Scholarship

Amy Milne, Level 6 Piano—David and June Rempel Scholarship

Anya Massa, Level 8 Violin – Sandro Banducci Memorial Scholarship

Autumn Sunderland, Level 8 Violin—Caroline Galbraith Memorial Scholarship

Aya Swerdelian, Level 6 Violin—MQN Architects Scholarship

Evy Erikson, Level 6 Violin—Patti Brenner Memorial Scholarship

Hadley Lanaway, Level 6 Piano – Discovery Optometry Scholarship

Joshua Mark, Level 9 Piano – Sharon McMurtry Memorial Scholarship

Matteo Thiessen, Level 8 Cello—James Frederick Roh Memorial Scholarship

Max Henschel, Level 6 Piano—Karen Rempel Scholarship

Ralph Rasquinha, Level 6 Piano—Dante Darkazanli Memorial Scholarship

Ulyana Doerksen, Level 8 Voice – Sandro Banducci Memorial Scholarship

VCMS Vocal Ensemble
  Alex Thiessen, Level 10 Voice—Elizabeth Scott Scholarship for Young Musicians  
  Matteo Thiessen, Level 9 Voice— Elizabeth Scott Scholarship for Young Musicians
  Ulyana Doerksen, Level 8 Voice— Elizabeth Scott Scholarship for Young Musicians

Thank you to all of you for being a part of our Music School, and for your dedication to your respective programs. We appreciate you and all the effort that goes into your studies, and we look forward to seeing you in the Fall!