100 Days of Practice Challenge

100 Days of Practice Challenge

Welcome to the 100 Days of Practice Challenge! Achieving the 100-day goal is a commitment on the part of the parent as well as the student. Just a little bit of good change on a daily basis will take them far. The choice to take lessons is the choice to make a lifestyle change. Being a part of this challenge is a great way to build strong daily habits and for students to prove to themselves that they’re capable of that commitment.

Guidelines for the Challenge

· Challenge will run from Monday, January 3rd—April 22nd.

· Participants are asked to practice their instrument for 100 days in a row. No skipping days!

· Lessons can count as practice for the day.

· Fill in the practice chart every day. Missed days “break the chain”. If this happens, the participant becomes disqualified! Progress will be tracked in the studio as well as at home.

· Completed practice charts must be signed by both the teacher and the parent or adult student, and sent into the office.

· Prizes will be handed out to students who complete the challenge, and they will receive recognition in the newsletter and on our website!

· Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Tips and Ideas to Help You Succeed

· To make sure that practice happens, use a trigger or cue. This is a daily activity that leads you to practice like practicing after breakfast. Visual triggers work well too.

· Set a daily number of practice tasks or objectives instead of a set time for practice. Students who have to practice for a set number of minutes quickly learn how to waste time.

· Remember that when starting the Challenge, less is more. Suzuki said that 3 minutes, 5 times a day is ideal for beginners. Remember that there are always several 3-5 minute time slots, in any day. In fact, micro practices are perfect for learning to focus.

· Celebrate the milestones along the way with a small family celebration! Looking at the chart you will see special markers for every 25 days of practice. Decide together on how to celebrate each milestone! Little rewards along the way can keep us going. The difference in motivation is HUGE between families who celebrate practice milestones and those who don’t.

· There are many things a student can do to practice when away from the instrument. Whether they are sick, in the car, or on a trip that didn’t allow for an instrument, here are some examples of things they can do to practice: Air bowing to the CD, singing the songs, clapping rhythms, active listening-paying attention to trouble spots while following along with the music, etc. If you need more, ask your teacher!

Resource: https://www.chilidogstrings.com/post/2016/12/29/100-days-of-practice

Fall Newsletter

The Fall Newsletter is ready for your viewing pleasure. There are so many great things happening at the school! To download your own PDF copy, click on the newsletter page, put the kettle on, sit back and enjoy the read on what is currently going on at the Music School.

Newsletter – page 1
Newsletter – page 2
Newsletter – page 3

Newsletter – page 4

Newsletter – page 5

Newsletter – page 6

Natures Fare Receipts

Thank you so much for continuing to bring your Nature’s Fare Markets receipts in to the donation box! We have raised a whopping $4,145 over the years to go towards our music programs! Feel free to continue bringing them in, every receipt that comes in gives the Music School 3% back before taxes. Thank you!

Nature’s Fare Donation Box

Welcome Back to School

Although things look different again this year, we are thrilled that another school year has started! Welcome back to a brand new year of learning and discovering your passion while being a part of a community that brings people together.

To those who have registered already, thank you so much! If you haven’t registered yet, please see or phone the office. We are open Monday-Thursday, 8:30am—5:00pm, closed for lunch from 1:00-1:30. The office is closed on Fridays.

We are pleased to offer payment options again this year, including monthly payment options:

Option 1: Pay invoice in two installments

Option 2: Pay invoice in four installments

Option 3: Pay invoice in monthly installments

For options 2 or 3, we will need postdated cheques or a credit card number that I can pull from. Please let the office know which option would work the best for you.

The best part of being at the Music School on a regular basis is seeing the progress students make every week. During the fall season when the windows are open, the sounds of music and learning flow out of the school and wrap around you like a warm sweater. We want to thank you, for sharing your time with us and being a part of our music community.

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Year-End Recital

It’s here! It’s here! The online video recital is now complete on our YouTube page…in 5 parts! We ended up having over 100 video submissions – you all are so amazing!


Enjoy the year-end video recital, bravo to all who participated!


*We would like to thank the Community Foundation North Okanagan for their continued support of our Music School and the Gift of Music project.

Year-End Recital, 2021

Outdoor Violin Recital

Carole Ruth had her outdoor violin recital this past weekend, and her students played wonderfully! It was so nice to hear music outside in front of the Smith House, what a beautiful setting! Kaia, Griffin and Alex are seen below, performing their pieces. Thank you so much to all of Carole’s students for participating, we hope you have a fantastic summer! See you all next year!

violin student performing in the outdoor recital at the Vernon Community Music School
violin student performing in the outdoor recital at the Vernon Community Music School
violin student performing in the outdoor recital at the Vernon Community Music School

Starfish Backpack Program

Starfish Backpack Program Donation

Do you remember when violin students from the Suzuki Program busked in Save-On Foods to raise money for the Starfish Backpack Program in 2019? We were finally able to take a photo and give the donation! A huge thank you goes out to the Suzuki Violin Students and our fabulous Bev Martens for their amazing donation of $1380. Fundraising continued over this COVID year as the students worked on their music theory. This donation will feed almost 3 families for the next school year! Way to go, everyone.

Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the following 2021 Scholarship Winners! We live in such a generous community. Remarkably, we received $10,400 in scholarship money this year, to give away to deserving students in grades 6 up to the ARCT level. The Music School would like to thank the following individuals and businesses for their very generous donations, because without them our scholarship program would not be as successful as it is. If you see any of these individuals or businesses in our community, please let them know they are appreciated and we are so grateful for their continued support for the arts.

Noah Wessels, ARCT Piano—David and June Rempel Scholarship

Angela Zeng, ARCT Cello—Dr. Lora Fellenz and Dr. Mathias Fellenz Scholarship

Holly McCallum, ARCT Cello—Hrabchuk Family Scholarship

Simone Konrad, Level 10 Piano—MQN Architects Scholarship

James Richardson, Level 9 Piano—James Frederick Roh Memorial Scholarship

Claire Richardson, Level 9 Piano—James Frederick Roh Memorial Scholarship

Laura Hrabchuk, Level 9 Violin—Patti Brenner Memorial Scholarship

Amy Curtis, Level 9 Piano—Caroline Galbraith Memorial Scholarship

VCMS Vocal Ensemble

   Alex Thiessen, Level 9 Voice—Sandro Banducci Memorial Scholarship

   Zaela Thiessen, Level 8 Voice—Sandro Banducci Memorial Scholarship

   Ulyana Doerksen, Level 7 Voice—Sandro Banducci Memorial Scholarship

Olivia Sunderland, Level 8 Violin—Caroline Galbraith Memorial Scholarship

Joshua Mark, Level 8 Piano—Willerton Engineering Scholarship

Ella Bannon, Level 8 Piano—Dante Darkazanli Memorial Scholarship

Tianna Dickie, Level 8 Piano—Olive Woodley Memorial Scholarship

Natalie Houle, Level 8 Piano—Peter and Pauline Legg Memorial Scholarship

Abigail Osborn, Level 7 Piano—George Shaw Memorial Scholarship

Anna Hrabchuk, Level 7 Cello—Dr. Jane Laidlaw Scholarship

Autumn Sunderland, Level 7 Violin—Reekie, Kineshanko, Tulloch Memorial Scholarship

Anya Massa, Level 7 Violin—Nixon Wenger Scholarship

Tikvah Osborn, Level 7 Piano—Sanssouci Scholarship           

Thea Vermeulen, Level 7 Piano—Karen Rempel Scholarship

Ella Barton, Level 7 Piano—Vernon Volkswagen Scholarship

Jadyn Dobernigg, Level 7 Guitar—Hurlburt Memorial Scholarship

Mayah Martsellos, Level 6 Voice—Elizabeth Scott Scholarship for Young Musicians

Thank you to all of you for being a part of our Music School, and for your dedication to your respective programs. We appreciate you and all the effort that goes into your studies, and we look forward to seeing you in the Fall!

Summer Newsletter

First off, we wanted to say thank you so much for a truly remarkable year. We have made it through and were able to continue to do what we love. It is so hard for me to believe this is June already. All of us here at the school appreciate your flexibility and compassion to help gets us through, and we are looking for to September and whatever adjustments that will bring. Below is the Summer Newsletter for your perusal; there is some really great content that reinforces how remarkable our students are.

Just a reminder that registration is now open for returning students in September. Please let your teacher know if you are wanting to continue with lessons, and then register with Heather in the office. Thank you!

Summer Newsletter page 1
Summer Newsletter page 2
Summer Newsletter page 3
Summer Newsletter page 4
Summer Newsletter page 5
Summer Newsletter page 6
Summer Newsletter page 7
Summer Newsletter page 8

Open Registration

Registration is now open for the 2021-2022 school year. For current students, please let your music teacher know if you will be returning next year; you can pick up a registration form in the office or download it from our registration page on the website. Plans are in the works for another fantastic year, and we would love you to join us!

For new students interested in starting lessons and being a part of our Music School community, please contact Heather in the office. She will let you know which teachers have space in September, and will get you set up with registration.