The 3% Club

What if we could raise funds for the Music School, just by doing your grocery shopping? Let me explain…

We just became a member of Nature’s Fare Markets’ 3% Club! Every time someone from our school – a teacher, student, or family – shops at Nature’s Fare they donate 3% (before tax) of the total back to us as a tax-free donation! That can add up!

Here’s how it works…

• Shop at Nature’s Fare Markets, save your receipts, put your receipts in our 3% Club box.

• Three times a year (in April, August and December) we total and submit the receipts

• Within one month Nature’s Fare sends us a as a tax-free donation.

In 2017 alone they’ve donated over $44,000 to organizations like ours to show their appreciation for the work we do. By working together we help to keep our community sustainable, healthy, and thriving.

Thank you so much for support of the 3% Club.
Please let us know if you have any questions.

Music School Donation

Today the Vernon Community Music School was so grateful to receive a donation from The Vernon Book Volunteers Society to help with maintenance costs of the heritage house. Thank you so much VBVS, your donation helps our school be the best it can be!

Rotary Carole Festival

Saturday was the big night at the Rotary Carole Festival, and students from Bev Martens and Morna Howie’s class performed and brought their A-game playing Ode to Joy, Corelli Christmas Concerto, Cannon in D, and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Here is the Cello Squad, showing off their skills. Check out our Facebook page to see a shared video of the event! Bravo!

Successful Christmas Minis

What a great weekend for a Christmas mini photoshoot! The decorations were outstanding and families were fantastic. Camillia Courts Photography did a great job accommodating everyone, and some people came to visit the Music School for the very first time. Thank you so much to everyone who came out, we’re hoping to do it all again next year! #buildingcommunity 

Hopping Right Along

Music Hoppers are hopping right along with Ms. Lauren, learning about various instruments. We’re developing skills in singing and drumming, while setting a strong foundation for future music lessons! We love what we do!

Harmonic Harps

We were lucky to be able to pop in during Caroline MacKay’s harp recital rehearsal with her students. If there is one Christmas concert that you should see, it is “A Touch of Grace”, happening here at the school on Sunday December 9th. All of these students have private lessons, and today was the first day they gathered together in a group to play; the pieces fit together perfectly. Caroline’s husband built most of the harps in the class, which is a craft in of itself. The best part of visiting today was seeing how much each student enjoyed playing. Excellent work everyone!

Ana Styles has been playing for two months, and practices every day!

Meet Baldwin

Meet Baldwin. Baldwin is a Betta fish who lives in Karen Rempel’s room. He enjoys listening to music and providing a strong ear of support for all of Karen’s students. Karen also has a really fun game of Snakes and Ladders in her room, for students when they make progress; they roll the dice and move spots accordingly. Such a great way to make learning fun!

Crinkling in the Snow

Today in Music Makers: the young Mozarts were learning about sound and the difference between “forte” and “piano” by wearing Winter boots that crackle in the snow. The more wrinkly the paper boot was, the louder the snow was crunching. This is a great way to help kids learn musical terminology. Some fun may have happened at the same time.