Creative Chorus

Due to COVID-19, start date to be determined.

This is a program for children 8-12 years old. It runs every Tuesday from 3:40-4:45 pm, from September to June. Through their own imaginative ideas they will also work together in the creation of an original musical or a revamp of an existing one!

Creative Chorus is a VERY low key class that Kimberley van Wensem runs for students who want to be involved in music and performance but do not want the pressure of being in a huge production on a big stage or in a ‘high performance’ environment. Throughout the year they put together a ‘show’ for parents and invited guests only. The kids decide together what they’d like to do.

Cost is $15 per class (75 mins once a week) and is based on the length of the year – generally 36 weeks. This class requires a full year commitment as it is impossible to replace students if they decide to leave part way through.

Students also have the option of joining the VCMS Youth Chorus. This extra group work is encouraged as it offers a more formal singing/choral program.

For more information, please contact Kim: or 250-306-7096.