Festival Gala Concert

This past weekend was the Festival Gala Concert, the wind up for the Registered Music Teachers of Vernon piano and voice festivals which happened last week. Congratulations to all of the students who participated, especially the students from the Music School! Keep up the great work!

Piano Awards:
Level 6: Hannah Scuka
Level 8: Nina Steyn
Level 10: Jennika Bobryk

Additional Piano Scholarships and Awards:
L. Edwards Award (grade 6 Classical): Hannah Scuka
J. Karen Award (grade 8 – ARCT Romantic): Nina Steyn
N. Sharma Award (Honorable Mention): Brock Webster
N. Sharma Award (Honorable Mention): Veronika Ociepa
Honorable Mention Senior Classes: Ella Newman
Junior Piano Duet: Amy Milne and Amie Glasser
Intermediate Piano Duet: Camille Hanry & Sophie Joerissen
Top Duet Overall: Camille Hanry & Sophie Joerissen

Voice Awards – Classical and Musical Theatre Categories:
Grade 3 (CI): Sydney Soglo
Grade 3 (MT): Sydney Soglo
Grade 5 (CI): Zaela Thiessen
Grade 6 (CI): Olivia Sunderland
Grade 6 (MT): Kylie Lightfoot
Grade 8 (CL): Jax Dolman
Grade 8 (MT): Jax Dolman
Intermediate Voice Duet: Drina & Zaela Thiessen