Halloween @ The Music School

This is one of our favourite weeks of the year…the week of Halloween! We had all kinds of characters come to visit us in Music Makers this week, including Scooby-Do, princesses, firemen, cats, and dinosaurs! They danced, read stories, and there were lots and lots of snacks! Hurray!!

Music Explorers was also a HUGE hit this morning, and we were lucky enough to be blessed with TWO Spidermans and a Supergirl!

Some of the teachers, not wanting to be outdone, also came out in their best attire for the day. Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Kim were part of the Wee Witchy Cauldron of the Music School, while Ms. Daisy was a Viking Goddess and Mr. Geoff was a leaping lemur.

Mr. Aaron warped in from the 1980s to pose with Leaping Lemur and Tugger the Great. Mr. Aaron had to quickly head back to the 1980s though, and he had important mullet tasks to take care of.

Look who popped by with Mary Poppins! Charlie Brown came in for a visit before heading off to his Halloween special. He even brought his hand-crafted pumpkin in for some fun!

Fairies and Artists have been captivating our attention for years, and this day was no different. In to the school they came, almost as though they had been here many times before. Thank you to everyone who came and participated in our Halloween festivities, you could hear the laughter throughout the building!