Inspirational Mention

Meet Jadyn Dobernigg, she takes guitar lessons with Ken. Jadyn is now in her 4th year of studying guitar at VCMS, having started as a beginner in 2015, she is now moving into more intermediate areas of study and in last September she joined our new improvisation class. Jadyn is a great example of what determination, patience, and consistent practice can do for ones progress in music. She never gets discouraged, always shows up with a positive attitude, and now she is playing music she couldn’t have imagined a couple of years ago! Here she is playing in a recent musical gathering for the VCMS guitarists, and with her new Squier Stratocaster that she saved up to buy! It is a privilege to have Jadyn as a student, and we look forward to more years of hearing her develop as a guitarist and musician (she’s a fine singer also!). Way to go Jadyn!!