Ongoing Projects

Our school often has ongoing projects that require funds to maintain our programs and classes year after year. The Smith House was built in 1908, and as such needs constant love and attention. We know that it takes a community to help our school maintain the level of excellence we have developed over the years, and help to foster leadership skills for future community leaders. With your help, we will be able to continue supporting musicians in our community for generations to come. Help Love Our School!

Current Projects:

New Gutters – The Smith House needs new gutters complete with rimboard/siding/soffit repair as required to support the gutters. So far the rot at the base of the pillars has not progressed to the point of requiring structural repair. The misalignment at the base of the pillars appears to be due to soil movement, not rot. If we get properly sized gutters that slope in the correct direction installed, this should address the source of water causing rot. When the new gutters are installed there will be framing/repair work as the new gutters cannot be placed on rotten rim board. There are a few locations of more extreme soffit and siding damage that should be touched up at the same time.

Wood Shake Replacement – Both the Smith House and the Carriage House are being attacked by Flicker birds (Woodpeckers) at the gable ends that are clad in wood shakes. We need to replace all gable end wood shakes, so that the Flickers are unable to peck through and create nests in the ceilings.

If you would like to help us with our ongoing projects by donating funds, please contact the office (250) 545-4977. We appreciate all of the community love and support we have received so far, and we look forward to supporting local musicians and future community leaders for generations to come!