Guitar Group Class


Improvisation is the art of the creative activity of “in the moment” musical composition, which combines performance with communication of emotions and instrumental technique as well as spontaneous response to other musicians, but encompasses so much more than playing fast solos.

We will begin by using the blues from its earliest most basic form as a basis for developing harmonic, melodic and rhythmic musical language. Students will learn how to memorize and build on this key chord progression, to use it in any key as the basis for playing effective accompaniment, taking musical/melodic solos that appeal to the listener. We will do straight ahead blues rhythms, as well as funk, shuffle, jazz and others.

During the class we will also focus on ear training as it applies to transcribing melody, solos, chords, and bass lines. Students will gain experience in writing out parts that other members of the group can follow as we play together.

From January forward we will expand to other more complex music and chord progressions – such as jazz and fusion.

This beginner level class will be a safe, non-judgemental environment to learn and develop these skills. Open to VCMS guitar students, as well as other VCMS instrumentalists (certain prerequisites apply).

Please contact Ken Scott for further info and for a list of minimum technical requirements.

Course Length: September to June
Day:                      Monday
Time:                    6:30pm-7:30pm
Location:            Smith House Recital Room 
Cost:                     $408 per year ($12 per class x 34 classes)

Bluegrass/Celtic/Folk Guitar Group

This guitar group will be geared more towards acoustic guitar playing, with an emphasis on some challenging and fast-tempo styles – Bluegrass, Celtic, Folk flat-picking music, and other styles (student input will be heavily considered for determining repertoire). Students will play arrangements where everyone will get a chance to play melody, harmony, rhythm, and bass lines. Very little emphasis on improvisation in this group. Certain pre-requisites apply , so please contact Ken Scott for further info.  Must be a registered VCMS guitar student.

Course Length: September to June
Day:                      Thursday Evenings
Time:                    TBA
Location:            Smith House Recital Room 
Cost:                     $408 per year ($12 per class x 34 classes)