Please download and complete the registration form.

There is a non-refundable annual membership/registration fee. For a family of two or more, the Registration fee is $80 per family. A single membership is $50 per school year. This fee helps offset administration and maintenance costs. Membership is a prerequisite and covers all members of the family. The Registration Fee must be paid when the completed form is submitted. Registration fees for preschool children in the preschool programs are $30.

Lesson fees are due and payable when lessons
 commence. The music school is unable to pay the teacher if lesson fees have not been paid. Payments may be made monthly if post-dated cheques or a Visa/Master Card number are submitted to the office. You may pay by cash, cheque, debit, Visa or Master Card. 

The Music School reserves the right to discontinue the lessons of any student whose account is in arrears.

When a student is absent with or without notice, the teacher will be paid for this lesson time. The teacher IS NOT obliged to supply make-up lessons, as this time slot has been set aside specifically for you. When a teacher is absent with or without notice, the student’s lesson must be made up by the teacher or the student will receive a refund at the end of the term.

If you are wishing to cancel your lessons, four weeks notice in writing must be provided. You may choose to attend these lessons or not, but you will be charged for them.


2024/2025 Calendar
September 3, 2024 – Lessons commence
October 14, 2024 – Thanksgiving
November 11, 2024 – Remembrance Day
December 23 – January 5, 2025 – Christmas break, school is closed
January 6, 2025 – School re-opens
February 17, 2025 – Family Day, office closed
March 17 – 28, 2025 – Spring Break
April 18, 2025 – Good Friday
April 21, 2025 – Easter Monday
May 19, 2025 – Victoria Day, office is closed
June 6, 2025 – Country Fair

There are no lessons during Christmas or the first week of Spring Break. Some teachers take both weeks of Spring Break off. Please check with your teacher to see what he/she plans to do.