Scholarship Recital 2022

Anya Massa, performing La Straniera by Daniela at the Scholarship Recital

After a two year hiatus, the Scholarship Recital was back in person. Congratulations to all of our hard-working students who participated in the recital this year, your efforts were outstanding!

Aimee Glasser, Level 7 Piano – Heartwood Homes Scholarship

Akasha McCleary, Level 6 Violin—Vernon Volkswagen Scholarship

Alex Thiessen, Grade 10 Voice—Dr. Lora Fellenz and Dr. Mathias Fellenz Scholarship

Amy Milne, Level 6 Piano—David and June Rempel Scholarship

Anya Massa, Level 8 Violin – Sandro Banducci Memorial Scholarship

Autumn Sunderland, Level 8 Violin—Caroline Galbraith Memorial Scholarship

Aya Swerdelian, Level 6 Violin—MQN Architects Scholarship

Evy Erikson, Level 6 Violin—Patti Brenner Memorial Scholarship

Hadley Lanaway, Level 6 Piano – Discovery Optometry Scholarship

Joshua Mark, Level 9 Piano – Sharon McMurtry Memorial Scholarship

Matteo Thiessen, Level 8 Cello—James Frederick Roh Memorial Scholarship

Max Henschel, Level 6 Piano—Karen Rempel Scholarship

Ralph Rasquinha, Level 6 Piano—Dante Darkazanli Memorial Scholarship

Ulyana Doerksen, Level 8 Voice – Sandro Banducci Memorial Scholarship

VCMS Vocal Ensemble
  Alex Thiessen, Level 10 Voice—Elizabeth Scott Scholarship for Young Musicians  
  Matteo Thiessen, Level 9 Voice— Elizabeth Scott Scholarship for Young Musicians
  Ulyana Doerksen, Level 8 Voice— Elizabeth Scott Scholarship for Young Musicians

Thank you to all of you for being a part of our Music School, and for your dedication to your respective programs. We appreciate you and all the effort that goes into your studies, and we look forward to seeing you in the Fall!