Scholarship Recital Winners

L to R: Angela Zeng, Noah Wessels, Ava Stanley, Ella Bannon, Laura Hrabchuk, Alex Thiessen, Rishali Vincent, Jadyn Dobernigg
Missing: Jax Dolman, Seamus Powell, Jeremy Fehlauer, Mark Hesketh, Jenny Sunderland, Libby Wyse, Craig Matterson, Salome Making, Jennika Bobryk, Alyssa Goff, Josh Mark, Holly McCallum, Ella Newman, Mathias Volk, Veronika Ociepa, Joanna Osborn

These fine young people were all winners in the Scholarship Recital this past May. The talent that comes out of this school still blows us away! We’d like to again thank and acknowledge our community for all of the scholarships that we were able to give out. It was a record year for the amount of scholarship money!

  • Heartwood Homes
  • Vernon Community Singers
  • MQN Architects
  • Sanssouci Quartet
  • David and June Rempel
  • Dr. Lora Fellenz and Dr. Mathias Fellenz
  • Sandro Banducci Memorial Scholarship
  • Patti Brenner Memorial Scholarship
  • Alpha Epsilon Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi
  • Bourcet Engineering
  • Hrabchuk Family Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Scott Scholarship for Young Musicians
  • Dante Darkazanli Memorial Scholarship
  • Nixon Wenger Scholarship
  • Caroline Galbraith Memorial Scholarship
  • Olive Woodley Memorial Scholarship
  • Peter & Pauline Legg Memorial Scholarship
  • George Shaw Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. Jane Laidlaw Scholarship
  • Reekie, Kineshanko, Tulloch Endowment Fund
  • Hurlburt Memorial Scholarship
  • Vernon Community Music School Scholarship