Smith House Restoration Project

You may have taken a drive by the Music School sometime in the past 7 weeks, and noticed our beloved Smith House getting some work done. The beautiful pillars on the front of the house were in need of some attention, as the bottoms were rotting. As you can imagine, this is a lot of work and takes community support to be successful. We are deeply grateful to the Kalamalka Rotary Club, for their generous grant donation to help us on our quest.

We would also like to thank and acknowledge The City of Vernon for awarding us a grant through the Heritage Restoration Grant Program. This grant also help us on our quest to restore the historic Smith House.

Below are some photos of the restoration thus far:

We would also like to acknowledge Willerton Engineering for all of their time and dedication put into this project. The Music School is so grateful for their expertise, we would not have known where to start without them.

As well, we would like to acknowledge Greyback Construction for all the work they’ve done to restore our Smith House. Not only do the pillars look incredible, but they will withstand another century of wear. Greyback’s knowledge of the structure of heritage homes is extensive, and their professionalism and craftsmanship exceeded our expectations.

We are so excited for you to see the finished product this summer! When the Smith House Restoration Project is finished, the Smith House should be standing for another century.