Speech Arts and Drama

Speech Arts and Drama is a 90 minutes course that will run every Wednesday from April 12th – June 14th at 6:00-7:30pm for students aged 9-13. This course helps students build their communication skills, habits, and traits through theatre, speech work, and dramatic arts. Each class will focus on a different aspect of performance, building on both public speaking and stage presentation skills. Through speech arts, we use literature to help students gain confidence speaking in front of others, as well as learn about literary devices and methods to present in front of audiences. In Dramatic Arts, we look at the reasoning of why we choose to move, act, or emote and how it affects our audiences opinions and responses. The goal is to help students achieve a strong set of skills that they can build over time by performing in front of others, reading out loud, and creating material themselves. The lesson plan for each of the 10 weeks is as follows:

  • week 1: Introductions and greetings, private and group performance pieces
  • week 2: Reading to an audience, pace, tone, and methods of delivery
  • week 3: Emotions, importance of emphasis, and literary devices
  • week 4: Literary devices, an in depth review
  • week 5: Phonetics and rhyme, the importance of poetry to effect audience retention
  • week 6: Memorization and methods to do so
  • week 7: How to move on stage to convey meaning
  • week 8: Storytelling and how to create a compelling story
  • week 9: Speech work and the rule of three
  • week 10: A performance for parents

These classes are designed to complement educational learning and provide additional instruction that helps especially in English and Language Arts classes. These concepts are the foundation to building traits that help individuals succeed not only in class and on stage, but in their future as they progress in careers, or furthering education. These classes are inclusive and built on a scaffolding method, so that we can support all learners as we progress. It is not all hard work, we will have fun, participate in group activities, and create relationships that foster creativity and teamwork. As well, this class will require students to do additional work at home, though the scope of that will be as limited as possible so that students feel they are growing, while not affecting other extracurricular activities.
Dates: Apr 12, 2023 – Jun 14, 2023
Total of 10 sessions
Cost: $210

To register, please go to: https://bit.ly/SpeechandDramaSpring2023
If you have any questions, please contact Sydney Sengotta at info@vitaartes.com or via phone at 604-360-7117

Sydney has been performing on stage in plays, operas, musicals and festivals for over 25 years.  Originally from Vernon, he first trained with Tony Stamboulieh, The Moore’s, Elizabeth Scott and Viva Musica. 

Sydney received his Diploma of Performing Arts from The Canadian College of Performing Arts, an ATCL Diploma in Performing Speech and Drama from the Trinity College London and a Masters in International and Intercultural Communications from Royal Roads University. He has worked Across Canada on stage in several different productions, and taught private and group lessons in speech arts and drama, as well as voice, for over 15 years. Sydney is the current owner of the Vita Artes Performance Academy in Vernon that works with other community centres to bring the arts to students of all ages.