What You’ve Been Waiting For!

Finally…the moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived! Aaron Jamin, our Ukulele instructor, is starting a Kids Group Ukulele program in January! If you know a child between the ages of 7-11, who is maybe looking to learn their first instrument, or looking for a SUPER fun instrument to play, and wants to learn in a fun atmosphere with their peers, this is the class for them! 

Classes will be on Wednesdays, starting January 30 until the middle of June, at 4:00pm for 45 minutes. Children will be learning a variety of songs that are accessible to beginners by learning basic strumming and fingerpicking patterns. Games will be included to enhance the learning process, and songs will be incorporated based on children’s ability and interest. This class will give children the opportunity to learn in a fun environment and gain confidence in their musical abilities. Plus…how versatile are ukuleles!?

Register through the Music School today! Call (250) 545-4977.